Window Tinting

From $79.95

Clay Bar Treatment

FROM $50.00

Fallout Removal Treatment

FROM $50.00

Hand Waxing

FROM $79.95

Head Light Restoration


Interior Cleaning

Vacuum all carpets, seats and trunk

Scrub and extract, carpets , seat and floor mats

Remove stains from carpet

Clean dash, vents, cup holders, door panels, and kick panels

Clean interior windows and mirrors




“ Price may change with special”

Odour Removal

  • Kills 99.9% of Oder causing bacteria and germs to illuminate bad odors including cigarette smoke smell.
  • $69.95
  • Buffing / polishing / scuff removal
  • Starting at $60.00 per hour
  • Min charge of $ 25.00

Paint Touch-Up

FROM $19.95

Rim / Hubcap Detailing

FROM $19.95 per

Paint / Headlight Protection Film

Price depends on vehicle

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